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Featuring multiple speakers from across the world, Experts Live Europe has three days of jam-packed sessions with a 100% focus on Microsoft solutions in the areas of cloud, data & AI, datacenter, security, and modern workplace technologies. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the experts as they speak about the latest trends, go into product deep dives and show live demos.


September 23, 2024

We highly encourage you to join the full conference experience, and to attend the pre-conference day to benefit from longer sessions, lots of live demos, deep dives, hands-on experience, and highly valuable Q&A opportunities with the experts.

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Pre-conference Deep Dive Tracks

We offer you 3 awesome tracks to choose from:

Topic: Security


Monday, September 23 | 12.00 - 17.30


Sami Laiho

Microsoft MVP 


Protecting Against Ransomware - Proven Concepts

In this pre-con track, Sami Laiho will show you how to protect against modern RansomWare campaigns. With 25+ years of experience in protecting IT environments and having worked with hundreds of breaches in his career, Sami can:

  • Show you the most effective solutions based on his real-life experience.

  • Give you a prioritized list of TO-DO tasks to protect your environment.

  • Run through proven concepts that work when protecting your environment against ransomware


Don’t walk in expecting to hear that you need more E5 licenses. This session is all about actual concepts you should apply rather than telling you you should spend more money!


This is a session you can't miss.  

Laying the Foundation: Building your SaaS on Azure

Join Steve and Jonah for this pre-conference session where they unravel the mysteries of building a SaaS on Azure.


They will start with the basics of running a SaaS in the cloud through the foundations of SaaS, then dive deep into the nitty-gritty of tech side of SaaS on Azure through tech foundations of SaaS.


In this session we will take a journey together exploring:

  • Best practices, patterns, and anti-patterns 

  • Strategies for managing multi-tenancy, tenant isolation, data isolation, identity in multi-tenancy, and more.

  • How to turbocharge your SaaS architecture

  • Build with the Azure SaaS Development Kit.


Don't miss out!

Topic: Azure


Monday, September 23 | 12.00 - 17.30

Steve Buchanan_ELEU24.png

Steve Buchanan

Principal Program Manager Azure at Microsoft, USA 

Jonah Andersson

Microsoft MVP


Topic: Copilot


Monday, September 23 | 12.00 - 17.30


Carlotta Castelluccio

AI Cloud Advocate at Microsoft



Korey Stegared-Pace

AI Cloud Advocate at Microsoft


Develop, evaluate and deploy an end-2-end RAG solution with Azure AI

In this workshop, you'll create your own copilot through a code-first experience from within VS Code. You'll create a vector index for your data using Azure AI Search, you'll extend a large language model with your data using the RAG pattern, you'll evaluate your model using the prompt flow tool, and you'll deploy your model to an endpoint.

You'll gain hands-on experience with the various steps involved in the end-to-end application development lifecycle, from prompt engineering to LLM Ops. 

By attending this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Explain LLMOps - concepts & differentiation from MLOps.

  • Explain Prompt Flow - concepts & tools for building LLM Apps.

  • Explain Azure AI Studio - features & functionality for streamlining E2E app development.

  • Design, run & evaluate RAG apps - using the Promptflow Extension on VS Code

  • Deploy, test & use RAG apps - from Azure AI Studio UI


Main Conference

September 24-25, 2024

Sessions at Experts Live Europe are 100% focused on Microsoft cloud, data & AI, datacenter, security and modern workplace solutions. Be on top of your game, stay up to date with modern technology and learn from subject-matter experts about the family of products developed by Microsoft. Connect with vendors to get introduced to 3rd party solutions and get yourself ready for 50+ breakout sessions, starting at level 100 (foundational) and going technically deep to level 400 (expert).

2024 Sessions Overview

At Experts Live Europe, you can attend a variety of sessions presented by renowned Microsoft experts. Take advantage of these sessions, as they provide an in-depth look at the different topics of the event, and provide a platform for you to ask questions and learn directly from the best: from MVPs to Senior Technical Specialists. Don't miss out on this chance to expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights!

Stay tuned as our Agenda Masters are hard at work adding to our amazing line-up with top notch speakers and insightful sessions.

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